Emotional Health Peterborough

Emotional Health with Hypnotherapy

Do you want to feel happy?

So many people wish they were happy, without actually realising that they themselves are the source of their own unhappiness.

All of these feelings can cause problems in your life if they are not dealt with. Some people learn to feel happy by themselves, others need help to navigate the mountains in their life. Hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool for exploring your own self to figure out why you feel the way you do.

The capacity to create therapeutic change is within each and every one of us. In all areas where our mind or body present a problem, analytical hypnotherapy can have applications and should be considered.

Your Specialist

Anthony Ashley has been interested in the power of the mind for many years and this intrigue led him to explore hypnosis. Following a time embracing and developing his skills with the powers of self-hypnosis, he began helping people overcome phobias and negative beliefs. He then discovered Dr John Butler and the Hypnotherapy Training Institute of Great Britain. The work John has done over his many years in hypnotherapy is simply awe-inspiring and the methods taught by him are powerful and direct. Anthony began practicing hypnotherapy in 2008 and has helped countless people overcome their struggles and emerge with a new, more helpful energy.

What to expect

A typical hypnotherapy session takes around 90 minutes. Some clients achieve their goal in just one session, others may take three to six. Any further sessions would be discussed in the week following the first session, to be clear on whether or not they are needed. Only clients who wish to work extensively on their personal development would need more than 6 sessions. Anthony aims to keep the number of sessions to a minimum, creating a therapeutic environment for change as quickly as possible while maintaining complete commitment to helping the client awaken their capacity to change.