Paul Weber


Info About Paul Weber

Paul has joined the team from Canada. As a registered chiropractor of 25 years in both Canada and the United States, he brings a wealth of experience and skills to the clinic. Although Canadian, Paul obtained his chiropractic degree in Texas at the famed Parker Chiropractic College in Dallas. Paul specializes in the Gonstead method of spinal adjusting, a technique characterized by an extremely sophisticated analysis of the spine and a very precise and artful adjustment. The Gonstead method is a truly elite method of chiropractic spinal care, and throughout his career, Paul has been able to help patients when medical treatment and even the care of other chiropractors was unsuccessful.Paul loves children, having three of his own (now adults). Once settled into his new life in the UK, Paul plans to obtain his certification in paediatric care.A former classical musician and actor, Paul has performed on the stage frequently back home in Canada. He plans to pursue a career in the arts in his spare time (once he can find some!).