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Smartphones & Chiropractic Adjustments for Children

  • Smartphones and tablets are being blamed for exponential rises in poor posture and back pain in children
  • Increasing numbers of parents are opting for chiropractic treatments over pharmacology based medicine for children affected by back pain
  • A chiropractor in Peterborough can perform 100% safe chiropractic adjustments on people of all ages

In 2015, the Telegraph newspaper reported how children in the UK were at risk of becoming hunchbacks due to increased smartphone and tablet usage.

Needless to say, rather than getting better, the problem has since been exasperated exponentially. In fact, a 2017 study published in The Spine Journal, found that children are currently experiencing everything from disk hernias and alignment problems, to permanent neck damage due to prolonged smartphone usage.

How to Avoid having to Schedule an Appointment with a Chiropractor in Peterborough

At Peterborough Chiropractic, a chiropractor in Peterborough, we obviously believe that scheduling an appointment with a chiropractor in Peterborough is the best thing for anyone suffering from back and neck pain. When it comes to children, though, parents should also be acting preemptively to reduce children’s use of smartphones and tablets in the first place.

Why Children and Smartphones Isn’t Really a Smart Idea at All

As well as being able to provide 100% safe treatment for a variety of back, neck, and central nervous system problems, a chiropractor in Peterborough can help improve overall posture and physical wellness. No chiropractor, however, can work miracles and at present, smart devices are laying the groundwork for a back and neck pain epidemic among UK young people.

Naturally designed to curve backwards, neck vertebra in children are now increasingly being found to curve forwards. What is more, because inclining the head forward more than doubles stress on the neck and upper back, young people suffering from ‘text neck’ today are guaranteeing susceptibility to more serious back and neck problems in adulthood.

How to Know When to Schedule an Appointment with a Chiropractor in Peterborough for Your Child

Are you worried that your child might be spending too much time on their smart device of choice? If so, take a moment to look at your child from the side. As a rule, ears should always be positioned over the shoulders, with shoulders themselves being positioned above the hips. If this is not the case, you ideally need to start taking action now to avoid poor posture developing into more serious problems for your child in the near future.