About Chiropractic

Chiropractic is the 3rd largest health care profession in the world, behind conventional medicine and Dentistry. It is recognised as a primary health care profession, which means you don’t need a referral from your GP and chiropractors are often the first contact point for a variety of health issues. Chiropractors are trained in making diagnoses, treatment, and the prevention of many conditions as well as being trained in radiology (can diagnose from X-Rays) and radiography (can take X-Rays).

Chiropractic involves the elimination of throughout the spine in patients of any age. A is where one or more of the 24 bones in the spinal column have shifted on their base axis (the vertebral disc which separates the bones). The discs are a soft tissue filled with fluid prone to dehydration and degeneration which occurs with a combination of poor posture, trauma, general wear and tear with age and sporting activities. Did you know that we are thought to spend about 32 years of our lives sat down in the modern world? When we sit our muscles relax and or weight is taken by the discs and the structural shape of the spine. If our structure is incorrect it can drastically increase the weakness of our spine by adding more pressure onto the discs. Have you ever wondered why we shrink as we age? The reason is due to this decrease and degeneration of the 23 vertebral discs. A disc herniation (slipped disc) is when uneven pressure is applied to the disc forcing it to bulge out to the side like a balloon with a foot on it.

Why is this such a problem even if you are not in severe pain?

The trouble is that the entire nervous system is housed within the spinal column. The discs allow movement in the spine but they also act as spacers between the vertebral bones allowing the nerve enough space to safely exit the spine. The nerves connect the body to the brain which controls EVERYTHING. All your bodily tissues are regulated and coordinated by the brain including muscle contraction, gland secretion, blood vessel diameter, digestion, temperature regulation, balance, anything you can think of. The nerves are best thought of as hose pipes with electrical signals going up and down as water would in the hose. As the disc degenerates the nerve space is reduced and the nerve gets crushed, which is essentially like putting a foot onto the hose pipe. In the case of the organs and tissues if the nerve is crushed the body is not getting the optimal amount of input from the brain and vice versa which can lead to a reduction in body functioning and tissue repair.

With chiropractic we identify where this degeneration process is most prolific and we set the specific bone back into its correct position on the disc. To help make our treatments as accurate and effective as possible we use digital imaging equipment (X-rays) where necessary, advanced nerve scanning equipment and our chiropractor’s exceptionally keen skill at physical examination to identify these areas and enhance the potential of your nervous system and therefore your bodies repair and functioning abilities. This can then help to reduce pain however beyond that we aim to help your body move and function better, often people sleep better and have increased energy levels as well as all sorts of other potential health benefits.

All chiropractors within the UK have to be members of the General Chiropractic Council (GCC). The GCC regulates all chiropractors to protect the public and to maintain high standards of chiropractic care and education within the country. All chiropractors at the Peterborough Health and Wellness Group are members of the GCC.

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