If you are planning on visiting a chiropractor in Peterborough, there is a high likelihood that you are one of millions of people in the UK who suffer from chronic lower back and neck pain. Contrary to popular belief, however, chiropractic isn’t just effective at treating relatively common musculoskeletal disorders.

Did you know that peer reviewed research consistently shows that chiropractic treatments can help alleviate pain associated with everything from recurring ear infections to more complex neurological conditions? If not, the following may make interesting reading, as we run down 10 of the most surprising medical conditions which a chiropractor in Peterborough (or anywhere) can help cure.

High Blood Pressure (Also known as Hypertension)

People who suffer from hypertension will often be required to take medication for the rest of their lives in order to decrease chances of serious complications such as strokes and aneurysms. It has been proven, however, that chiropractic vertebral subluxations can balance both high and low blood pressure just as effectively as many forms of medication.

Multiple Sclerosis

Did you know that visiting a chiropractor in Peterborough could help alleviate certain symptoms associated with MS?

While not being able to provide an all out cure, MRI scans have shown that MS sufferers can benefit from chiropractic adjustments thanks to increased blood and cerebral fluid flow, as well as significantly reduced brain plaquing.

Recurring Ear Infections

If you suffer from recurring ear infections, you will no doubt be surprised to discover that in the majority of cases, infections can be significantly reduced via chiropractic treatments and adjustments.

Bell’s Palsy

Bell’s Palsy is a debilitating condition in which facial muscles and muscles around the jaw can become either completely or partially paralyzed. Regular chiropractic treatment, however, is proven to be able to expedite recovery and significantly improve patient quality of life.

Irritable Bowel Disease

If you suffer from irritable bowel disease, visiting a chiropractor in Peterborough would likely be the last thing which you would consider. Chiropractic treatments, however, are documented as being effective when it comes to managing IBS symptoms, presumably due to the nature of interconnected nerves between the gut and brain.

Premenstrual Discomfort (PMS)

In several clinical trials in which PMS patients were separated into groups treated with a placebo and groups who were treated with chiropractic adjustments, each group which was treated using chiropractic care approaches consistently showed the greatest reduction in PMS discomfort.

Headaches & Migraines

It is no secret that migraines can be debilitating for chronic sufferers, visiting a chiropractor in Peterborough, however, might be able to help. This is because chiropractic neck and spinal adjustments are routinely proven to be just as effective (if not more than effective) when treating migraines, as pharmacology based pain relief.


If you suffer from sciatica, you owe it to yourself to visit a chiropractor, simply due to the fact that chiropractic adjustments have the highest documented success rate when it comes to reducing pain and completely curing sciatica symptoms.

Lower Back Pain

A staggering 56% of lower back pain sufferers are documented as reporting significant improvements in their condition after receiving chiropractic adjustments. What is more, this compares to just 13% of patients who report as dramatic improvements thanks to more conventional medical treatment approaches.


If you suffer from arthritis, you will know just how debilitating the condition can be to live with on a day to day basis. The good news, however, is that while chiropractic care can not treat arthritis completely, it can increase mobility, reduce pain, and result in significantly improved quality of life for patients.

Do you suffer from any of the above conditions? If so, it might be worth your time visiting a chiropractor in Peterborough, especially if conventional treatment plans which you have already tried have left you with little to no improvement in your condition. The only question is, are you ready to start feeling better finally?

If you are looking for a chiropractor in Peterborough, there is a strong likelihood that you are suffering from chronic lower back pain. Moreover, if you are suffering from lower back pain in Peterborough, you are far from alone. In fact, in 2015, the BBC reported that almost half of 16-24-year-olds had been found by the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) to be living with chronic bouts of back and neck pain.

Why Backpain is Becoming so Prevalent

For the most part, back pain in Peterborough and elsewhere is on the rise due to poor posture brought about due to increases in more sedentary, often desk based working habits. The good news, however, is that there are several simple lifestyle changes which people can implement to help prevent back pain completely.

Exercise & Regular Stretching

Do you sometimes wish that you could rid yourself of your those extra few pounds around your waist finally? If so, it’s no secret that regular exercise is vital for weight loss and in general good health. However, when it comes to lower back pain, regular exercise is also the No.1 way to prevent problems before they start. This is because low impact cardiovascular exercise helps strengthen lower back muscles, whilst simultaneously facilitating better circulation around the lower back area.

The Importance of Posture & Correct Heavy Handling

The majority of people who develop lower back pain in Peterborough do so due to long periods of time spent sitting and slouching over desks. This being the case, the No.1 way for desk workers and long distance drivers to prevent lower back pain is to use ergonomic chairs and remember to take regular breaks to stand and exercise.

Of course, when back pain starts, it usually does so suddenly after lifting and handling heavy objects. This is because poor lower back strength brought in about by poor posture and exercise can lead to spinal disk herniations coming about suddenly when extra weight is placed on the spine. Thankfully, even people with poor core strength can prevent such problems from occurring by knowing their limits and always lifting heavy items by bending the knees and employing other safe heavy handling techniques.

Diet & Healthier Lifestyle Choices

Do you suffer from lower back pain in Peterborough, despite exercising regularly and maintaining the best posture possible throughout the day? If so, it is important to remember that simple things like dehydration, smoking, and poor diet can dramatically exasperate even minor lower back problems. This is because all such habits impede circulation whilst simultaneously depriving the spine and central nervous system from the nutrients which it needs to maintain pain-free maneuverability and in general good health.

Sleeping & High-Stress Levels

When you seek help from a chiropractor in Peterborough, one of the first things which they will ask is how well you are sleeping. This is because poor sleeping postures, insomnia, and high stress can all cause and exasperate lower back pain. The good news, however, is that changing a mattress and/or staying away from electronic gadgets for an hour prior to sleeping can sometimes help completely alleviate such symptoms.

Are you suffering from back pain in Peterborough? If so, let us help. Book an appointment with one of our chiropractors today and we will do everything we can to assess and treat your condition, regardless of what the underlying cause might be.

Daniel O’Sullivan
Peterborough Chiropractor (Peterborough Chiropractic Health and Wellness Group)

When looking for a chiropractor in Peterborough, many people stumble upon listings for osteopaths who seem to offer similar, if not identical treatment services. What’s worse, when this happens, confusion subsequently sets in and in some cases, people who have originally searched for a chiropractor in Peterborough will choose to reach out to a local osteopath instead.

Why this happens is simple. The word ‘osteopath’ sounds very similar phonetically to the word ‘orthapaedic.’ This being the case, many people mistakenly assume that a local osteopath will be more medically qualified than a chiropractor in Peterborough when it comes to treating different back and musculoskeletal problems. The key question, in this case, is what exactly is the difference between a chiropractor in Peterborough and a local osteopath?

Osteopathy Vs Chiropractic Care

The primary difference between an osteopath in Peterborough and a chiropractor in Peterborough lies with the fact that chiropractors focus predominantly on the alignment of vertebra in the spine itself and are trained in both radiology (making diagnose from X-Rays) and radiography (taking X-Rays). Osteopaths do not themselves take X-rays, though they may regularly see them or refer people to the hospital for them. Chiropractic is also traditionally focused on the health of the nervous system which is responsible for all body functions as opposed to the bloods and circulation which is the original focus of osteopathy.

Different Diagnostic Tests & Care Approaches

On of the biggest benefits associated with seeing a chiropractor in Peterborough or an osteopath, is the fact that chiropractic treatments can be administered in tandem with more conventional medical treatments. This is because we do not prescribe medication or apply any kind of chiropractic adjustments which might interfere with medication which our patients are already taking.

Using simple but effective chiropractic adjustments to treat pain and discomfort, chiropractic treatments are completely non-invasive.

What kind of Treatment Should you Choose?

The most important thing to remember when it comes to osteopathy and chiropractic care is that the two treatment concepts aren’t in competition. In fact, in many cases, a chiropractor in Peterborough will advise a patient during the consultation process, if they feel that alternative treatments such as those offered by osteopathy might be more suitable for them.

Are you in pain? If so and you would like to find out what kind of treatment might be right for your situation, make sure to get in touch today. This way, you can benefit from an honest consultation which will help you understand your options a little more clearly.

Daniel O’Sullivan
Peterborough Chiropractor (Peterborough Chiropractic Health and Wellness Group)

Weird and wonderful results I’ve seen as a chiropractor beyond the obvious.

So what can the people of Peterborough expect to see from the care they get from their chiropractor in addition to reduced back pain or neck pain?

Well having treated some incredible patients (as a chiropractor we get to know one another very well over the treatment process). In addition to the issue or problem we faced that inspired that person to come in. I have seen some other very unexpected and pretty outstanding results reported from people.

I was treating a lovely woman who had fallen from a horse and hurt her neck on a fence in the accident. She had many problems from that over the years but I met her at a promotion show. The interesting thing that stuck out about that case was that she had suffered with eczema most her life. She used creams and managed it but while under care it cleared up. Maybe the enhanced efficiency of her nervous system healed and repaired the problem? Maybe it was a coincidence? Or a change in diet? I’d like to think it was her time with her chiropractor. She then brought her whole family in for treatment.

Most people seem to say “I notice it a lot when driving, I can turn my head much further at junctions”. Life is motion, so the more motion you have from your body the better. Particularly if you are a sports person.

Higher energy levels and better sleep were fairly frequent reports of chiropractic care. When a nerve is under pressure it’s inflamed and angry. As soon as that pressure is relieved the nerve wants to sleep, relax and recuperate just like you do after a stressful week. Nerves under tension with inflamed tissues may also cause release of harmful hormones and chemicals in the body too like adrenaline and cortisol. These are natural excitatory chemicals we need for our fight or flight response. They get our body pumped and ready, get the muscles strong and the heart pumping. But with prolonged exposure they can interfere with body tissues for the worst. Like having your foot constantly firmly pressed on a gas peddle, reving the car won’t do much good for the engine.

Another interesting and very unexpected report from a few women I was very pleased to hear and definitely worth a mention. Some ladies said that their finger nails had stopped growing and were brittle and flaked off. But they started growing again during their care period and could again be painted. For a woman that is quite a thing and I was so happy (and a little surprised) to hear that one. Again maybe the neural enhancement? Maybe an increase in blood circulation (which is also controlled by those ever so important nerves). Or maybe it was diet? Or a combo of both? There is me way to prove this or know why? But never the less it was a great success and achievement.

At the Peterborough Chiropractic Health and Wellness Group we hope to collect many more incredible stories in the future and help this city get healthier.

Dr Daniel O’Sullivan
Peterborough Chiropractor (Peterborough Chiropractic Health and Wellness Group)

Being a chiropractor in Peterborough I like to live as healthy as I can to make sure I stay on top form not just for today or tomorrow, but also for the next 20, 30 and 40 years.

Living the chiropractic lifestyle means living to your bodies maximum true health potential. As chiropractic enhances your nervous system which controls all your body systems like the immune system, digestion, muscle contraction, heart rate and blood pressure. It also looks after your skeletal health helping to prevent pain and degeneration.

There is however still more that is important to include in your routine and lifestyle to live to the max and invest in your future health.

Physical exercise, use it or lose it. As we age our hormone levels decline. The Human Growth Hormone from the brain and testosterone levels reduce resulting in muscle loss (and the tendency to put on weight). STAY ACTIVE, keep the metabolism high and ticking over. You should combine your physical activities into a sport or pass time that you enjoy but also acknowledge a variety of exercises. For example training with weights is good for building muscle and strength but do not neglect your cardiovascular systemic health. This is best trained with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), getting the heart under stress by holding a certain intensity over a period of time and then resting and allowing recovery before stressing the heart again (think about it like doing sets of exercises with weights). Did you know that most fat is excreted from the body not by burning it and converting it to energy but by exhaling it. So get out of breath, get the systems pumping.

Functional and core fitness are also very important and probably the most neglected. Holding your plank (correctly the body straight) or yoga/Pilates. These are key to keeping you moving and feeling good.

Nutrition is also another aspect of living a healthy lifestyle that you should try and get into your routine. We all love chocolate but changing from milk chocolate to dark chocolate will mean you get a treat but eat a lot less as it’s fairly rich. Dark chocolate has some nice antioxidants inside too. Change from tea to green tea (cut out the sugar). Although changing our tastebuds and pallet takes a little discipline, once you get use to the green tea and then go back to regular tea with sugar you will be able to taste the amount of sugar that’s actually in it and appreciate why it was wise to take that little effort to change your habits. Get onto green leafy vegetables for your carbs and away from the THREE WHITE POISONS – SALT, SUGAR and FLOUR.

Here at the Peterborough Chiropractor Health and Wellness Group we also encourage adding to your nutritional health with supplementation. For £1.50 a day you can have Proargi9+. A very impressive amino acid compound that enhances multiple body systems including the secretion of Human Growth Hormone from the brain to keep muscle tissue growing and has massive potential with cardiovascular health among others (see the nutrition tab on our website for more information or click HERE).

Daniel O’Sullivan
Peterborough Chiropractor (Peterborough Chiropractic Health and Wellness Group)

So, to help you better understand what your chiropractor does and how it can best help you this is a brief overview of the principles of it.

The body is a self healing organism. This is often described as the body’s ‘ ‘innate intelligence’. When you get a cut the body knows how to repair. This is the wisdom by which the body looks after itself and regenerates keeping us healthy. Sleep, diet, exercise and lifestyle all impact the efficiency with which the body can do this. However all the body functions are primarily controlled and regulated by the nervous system.

The central nervous system is protected by the vertebral column (spine). The spine is also a dynamic functional structure that keeps us up right and moving. But like all working/moving structures which are exposed to forces, be it the tyres on your car, the soles of your shoes or even your clothes; they all degrade over time through ‘wear and tear’ and eventually need to be replaced. Unfortunately this is not an option when it comes to your spine as it is for your tyres.

Posture, prolonged sitting, repetitive activities like holding babies on one hip, the gym or golf. Traumas like whiplash and falls, even being born is a major trauma for the body structure. There are many more factors that can all have an impact on the degeneration/ wear and tear process and the structure of the spine. This results in movement of the bones and degeneration of the cartilage between the vertebra bones (the discs). Once this happens pressure is applied to the nervous system causing damage.

The nerves work like hose pipes with messages going up and down. If pressure is applied to these channels like a foot to a hose pipe, the nerve signal is greatly reduced. And considering that signal is controlling your body’s repair and all regulation functions like your bowels digesting, heart pumping, muscle strength and coordination, glands secreting hormones and immune system. It stands to reason that for your body to be as healthy and efficient as it can be, the spine should be maintained and nerve pressure reduced. Freeing the nerve channels will allow the body to do what it does best, look after and heal itself.

The wear and tear process can potentially be reduced considerably with regular chiropractic care for you and your family. Stop it becoming a problem before it’s a problem. It happens to us all. Ever wondered why Nan got shorter as she aged? The reason is the degeneration and reduction of her vertebral cartilage discs.

I hope that helps your understanding a little more and I’m always happy to explain more when I see you in the clinic.

Daniel O’Sullivan
Peterborough Chiropractor (Peterborough Chiropractic Health and Wellness Group)

So this point came for me believe it or not, 3 years into my chiropractor degree. I was in a gym doing a seated row with heavy weights; I remember looking to the side and I felt a major ‘twang’ in the top of my back and severe pain in the trapezius muscle. The pain from a nerve injury is felt not in the inflamed and injured nerve itself, but perceived to be in the superficial tissue of the muscle. A common misconception. Muscle is where internal pain is often felt, like a heart attack causing pain in the muscles on the arm. Anyway I was moving like a robot for a while, unable to turn my head.

10 days or so later I was booked to go on a Gonstead seminar with a friend of mine from university. Gonstead is a chiropractic system or technique from the USA for moving a carefully selected bone in a certain specific direction (which is found on the X-rays) so that it is in a correct position with the bones above and below. It is the most advanced and impressive practice that I have seen so far as a chiropractor and it blew my mind. It’s a bit like how dancing is the same thing, but different. For example you have ball room, ballet, Michael Jackson’s moon walk, salsa and so on; all dances but different principles. Chiropractic techniques are like this, all different; but all chiropractic.

So I was moving better at the seminar but still felt pain. I had seen a completely new way of adjusting the neck demonstrated called the Gonstead cervical chair adjustment. I asked a man who knew the adjustment to help us learn it.

He put his hands on me and said “ohhhh this neck isn’t very happy is it? Just here” he had his hand on the exact spot of my pain. He put me in position for the Gonstead cervical chair adjustment and ‘CLICK’.

I was in awe. The pain on my neck was instantly completely gone. Like it was vacuumed off my shoulder. I couldn’t believe it, I felt my face go hot as the sudden nerve release opened up the blood vessels and blood rushed into my face. The diameter of blood vessels like everything else in the body is controlled by the nerves. I just couldn’t believe what just happened or how it felt.

That man then said to me to make Gonstead my life’s practice and study it hard and master it and in doing so you will have so much fun and make a profound impact on your patient’s lives. And after how that adjustment had effected me I believed him.

I followed his advice and committed myself to the study of the most phenomenal chiropractic system that I have ever seen so far, Gonstead. I still learnt the other techniques that I have been exposed to as I believe the more skills that you have the better; but Gonstead became and still is my true passion.

Daniel O’Sullivan
Peterborough Chiropractor (Peterborough Chiropractic Health and Wellness Group)

This blog is intended to fuel thought, offer perspective and motivate. Not criticise behaviours and habits. There is a fine line between education and criticism. But unless you are aware of a problem how can you change it?

I was so lucky to have become a chiropractor in Peterborough. It turned out to be without a doubt the most perfect career choice I could ever have imagined.

I was a sceptic at first believing a common view that ‘good health’ is the absence of pain, symptoms and disease. That when it goes wrong the NHS ‘medical model’ of healthcare will swoop down from the sky above and sort out my ‘disease’ or ‘health’ problems and I’m good to go. I knew a little about healthy eating and exercise, well I thought I did, and nothing at all about chiropractic. Now I realise that I knew nothing at all. Not nearly what I should have known or what should have been taught to me at some point in my life before I even started my degree.

Our health and habits for the start come from our parents. They feed us and decide what goes into our bodies. Their bad habits and perception of what is right to eat comes down to us (maybe these days people are more health aware, however what I see some people buying in the supermarkets scares me as sadly they are unaware of what poison is actually in their trolley. That poison is headed for their children’s blood steam and developing their future food habits that once there are hard to break). Some conditions that we believe are ‘hereditary’, ARE THEY? Or are they a product of the habits and environment that we are brought up with and an ongoing process that leads to these problems? As it turns out having studied topics that consider disease at a molecular/cellular level such as general medicine, pathology, pharmacology, radiology, biochemistry; most diseases do not pop out the air and infiltrate out bodies. They develop over years and years. At what point is the man who has a heart attack sick? At the onset of symptoms when he grips his arm? 10 minutes before the pain or 10 years before when he tucks into that second bacon and sausage sarnie with brown sauce and ketchup? We all need cheat days, it’s fun a little indulgence every now and then can be good for the soul. But when abundance is combined with the modern sedentary life style then problems can begin to develop.

My parents were not health aware. I was given coke, Chinese, crisps, ketchup, sweets, extra custard (I love custard, that was a hard one to cut down on. I loved it so much I had custard on my cheese cake in a restaurant. The social norms of no custard with cheese cake were not coming between me and my custard). I cut out coke and started on Tropicana; healthy right? A tasty fruit juice, loaded with vitamin C, not from concentrate – can’t be bad. Or Innocent smooties :0/

My father was a gentleman of substance and had massive knowledge about history but none at all when it came to health, and it cost him years off his life. His weight caused the arthritis process to accelerate; it also meant that he couldn’t survive the aesthetic for a hip or knee replacement operation. For the last decade of his life I had to see my father daily in such pain that I can not even imagine it. Diabetes type 2, pills, pills pills and pain. One of my books from university suggests that once you get a diabetes diagnosis you can expect to loose between 7-19 years off your life span and with the average being 78 for a male in the UK this was true of my father. The likelihood of lots of disease conditions and cancers seem to be exacerbated as soon as diabetes is a factor. It was a BIG lesson but having seen my father’s fatal mistake I have an opportunity to save myself and my patients with chiropractic, education and motivation.

Diabetes is lifestyle related and with the growth of supermarkets, fast food, instant this and that, the rise of the binge drinking culture (people in the 1970s didn’t down 4 jager bombs every Saturday night like we do now. In addition to alcohol they are laced with sugar and red bull. We all have that one friend who insists). It’s getting to a point the NHS can no longer sustain and treat the diseases that have developed from this problem. People are saying that the NHS will be bankrupt in a decade due to lifestyle related disease?!?!? The people who have had access to abundance when it started in the 60s, 70s and beyond are now approaching the finishing line and we are seeing an epidemic result never before part of human history. Medicine, technology, societies generally cleaner set up have increased our life span from a 29 year average (when they started recording it in the mid 1800s) to 78-80 years. Will abundance, preservatives, chemicals AND the 3 white poisons (SUGAR, SALT and FLOUR) now reduce that number again?

So my mission is HEALTH. The prevention of disease through HEALTHY LIVING as a lifestyle, a process, a routine and a hobby. To pass on the knowledge that I have uncovered and the lifestyle that I now live and love with the high energy levels that I enjoy. So that my patients and their families can benefit together and live longer, happier, more mobile lives. By hopefully making some very small changes in just one or two areas, along with your chiropractic care we can expect to see excellent results. Having spoken to patients in the past it seems most people when they hit the more mature years of life fear mostly immobility. With a healthy chiropractic lifestyle your body potential is maximised so why would anyone accept anything less. DISEASE IS A PROCESS, LETS NOT GIVE IT A CHANCE. And when I say disease I mean heart disease, blocked blood vessels, under performing pancreas and insulin resistance (diabetes), degenerative joint disease (arthritis), especially in the spine which is the protective housing for your central nervous system. If that isn’t working at it’s best then your body isn’t working at its best.

Your Chiropractor looks after the nervous system and the bone structure so let’s start there.

Daniel O’Sullivan
Peterborough Chiropractor (Peterborough Chiropractic Health and Wellness Group)

Chiropractic Does Not Treat Back Pain
Chiropractic is often regarded as a treatment solely for back problems, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Chiropractic is based on the idea that by maintaining good spinal alignment, clear and healthy pathways to and from the central nervous system (which is contained within the vertebral column) are kept open and protected so that the body’s ability to self heal and function is improved. Secondarily to this chiropractic is concerned with minimising wear and tear to the cartilage, particularly the intervertebral discs which degenerate throughout our lives. You may know this process as arthritis.

The Holistic Approach
A holistic (full body) approach to health and healing is quite a unique concept within western medicine which tends to be more disease and cure focused. Eastern medicine leans more towards a focuses on maximum health and prevention.

The Science is based on the relationship between the body’s structure and function. It is the study of how the nervous system affects the body’s system functioning and repair processes and the enhancement of both. The science of chiropractic is one of diagnostic, clinical trials and research.

The philosophy of chiropractic is based upon the body’s innate intelligence. That is, the wisdom of the body to heal itself.

Chiropractic philosophy is based on four principles of health:

  1. The human body has the ability to self heal and regenerate.
The nervous system controls ALL body functions and processes, including it’s healing.
  3. The structure of the spine influences the function of the nervous system.
  4. Abnormal spine structure can affect the nervous system and may affect your health.

The Art of chiropractic is in the hands-on sensitivity that the Doctor of Chiropractic learns through time and experience. Through motion and static touch the Chiropractor becomes skilled at the art of an adjustment, which involves a specific force, speed, and torque.

Chiropractic techniques vary greatly and all are an art form that require a vast amount of skill and practice to master. We use multiple technique approaches at the Peterborough Chiropractic Health and Wellness Group including, Gonstead (an advanced and specific technique from the USA), Diversified (the most common chiropractic technique used globally) and McTimoney (a very gentle British technique that maybe favoured by our more senior patients).