Chiropractic and Pregnancy

Chiropractic for Babies

Chiropractic for Babies

Chiropractic is not exclusive for adults. By the age of 6 and learning to walk, it is thought that we fall over somewhere between 2000 to 4000 times. That is after our birth which is a trauma in itself and potentially our first whiplash injury. In a car it takes only around 5mph to get whiplash in an adult, let alone a delicate baby; the birthing process can be a big onslaught for both mum and baby. All them knocks and bumps can start to affect the mechanics of the spine even from the start. Remember it’s a moving mechanical structure that has to last us 80 years. The better the spine functions the better you function.

The spinal cord, which is an extension of you brain is protected by the vertebra like a suit of armour. If there are problems in the function of the spine, could there be problems with the communication of information around the body in the nerves too? The spine is essentially the bridge between the brain, the body and the environment. Remember the baby is slowly developing and growing and the nervous system is critical in this process.

If you have had a baby in the Peterborough area and would like them to see a chiropractor; we can treat if they constantly cry, will not feed or use the toilet; as soon as mum and baby are released from hospital. This is considered urgent care. Other than these circumstances we will have to wait until baby is 3 weeks old. Eliminating distortion is best done from that start a little like cultivating a bean stalk along a length of cane; the sooner you get started with the seedling, the better the results.

Colic is something a lot of babies are taken to the chiropractor for as are issues with sleep and bed wetting. Babies need to sleep and heal just like Mum and Dad. What would it be like for the parents with less sleep and stress from pains or constant bed wetting? The same as in a child, it can make them more stressed and possibly over engage their ‘fight or flight’ systems. Would the baby grow up with higher levels of stress and that includes development of the pathways of information around the brain; the brain could potentially be ‘wired up’ for stress from a young age effecting baby in later life. The brain makes and breaks nerve pathways like wires through-out or lives, this is how we learn and forget things. This is called neuroplasticity, as like ‘plastic’ it is mouldable and changes all the time. What would happen if you are constantly stressed for a long period of time over a life time?

There is very little research on chiropractic for both babies and adults. The limited studies on this to date show varying levels of response in different individuals. Some seem to have a very potent instant response, others very little and everything else in between.

Of the few people researching chiropractic, Heidi Haavik is one of the world’s best, and she has produced some very nice videos that are available on you tube and easily explain a lot more with regards to chiropractic and babies.

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