Chiropractic for kids

Chiropractic for kids

Peterborough Chiropractic is a modern facility designed to help all people maintain function within their spine and nervous system for a lifetime.

The better these systems work, the better the individual works. The better you work the more fun life is. If your body performance is at its best, tasks are easier; that’s why people go to the gym. To build and preserve function and strength. Chiropractic is not an exclusive benefit reserved for adults; children still brush their teeth to preserve them before the go yellow. You don’t wait until the teeth are rotten until you start to look after them. So why not preserve and improve on their spine and brain function too before they start to show negative changes? These changes take decades to overtly manifest.

Children still loose function. Even a birth could initiate later issues as it is a major trauma for both mother and baby. Like a scuffed car door, our body remembers these traumas and collects them as we age. We all know the results to life at the other end of this process mechanically. However, a significant portion of the nervous system exists within the spine and the function of each relies on the other. So if your spine stops working correctly, will that effect the efficiency of the nervous system functions?

As kids we are out jumping around on a trampoline, falling off everything without a care in the world. We have between 2000 to 4000 falls learning to walk and just like anything mechanical, wear begins to slowly take its toll. In most cases with biological tissue it takes decades of ‘wear and tear’ until the eventual symptoms begin to disrupt our lives.

Chiropractic is a way to help kids preserve their spine and nerve tissue along with their teeth. Not only that, but to help them achieve better results in their lives generally. Did you know that in an Olympian chiropractic was found to increase their muscles contraction strength by 8%. They are trained to perfection, yet still showed an increase in muscle strength. In a study on stroke patients, chiropractic increased muscle contraction by 65% on average. They were all very weak at the time before the study. Imagine the benefits to your children if they were 8% stronger physically than their peers. How about if I also told you that chiropractic was also discovered to improve coordination. Is that important if you are learning to walk, learning ballet or learning karate after school?

Here is a video that can tell you more:

And this is the tip of the iceberg.

So, get your children booked in for a FREE screening and ask about our discount family plans.

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