chiropractor prices

Chiropractor Prices

Chiropractor Prices

It may be better to ask what is “the price of not having chiropractic or looking after your body and health generally?”

What would happen to your car if it was not maintained? Your body is a mechanical structure way more advanced than any car. Should it be looked after too? Do we as a society value and proactively look to improve on our health BEFORE pains, symptoms and disease starts? Most of us are apathetic to heath until it goes wrong in my experience as a chiropractor. I have no pains myself, but I still get adjusted each week, brush my teeth and go to the gym.

If you think the price of investing in heath and wellbeing is expensive; have a think about the price of paying for disease and loss of function within the body.

The potential loss to the quality of your lifestyle. The loss of time as it takes longer to do tasks, the lose of interaction with others as you avoid social occasions, the loss of productivity, bad sleep, potential falls, financial losses, loss to your independence and mobility. Some people even loose their kindly natures as they get older. If you were in severe pain every day when you tried to get out of bed and put your socks on; it is likely to have an effect on your brain and personality. Not for every person of course; but a lot of people when their body is wired with adrenaline in a ‘fight and flight’ state all day every day with pain, they get irritable. This then effects relationships with others and tasks and opens up a negative feedback cycle as the body slowly shuts down and function slips away.

The better your body functions the happier you are more likely to be. What is the value on function and happiness?

How much is a mobility scooter? How much is a stair lift? How much is missing out on life?

Chiropractic is a way to PREVENT the loss of mechanical function in the spine. And what happens in the spine, directly affects what happens in the brain. The spinal cord (an extension of the brain) is tightly packed into the vertebra which is meant to protect the delicate nerve tissue. What happens if arthritis sets into the spine? Is it still protective or is it a hinderance to nerve communication? The information highway.

So how much is a chiropractor? The price of chiropractic at Peterborough Chiropractic ranges from £35 to £40 per adjustment; we are competitive locally. The amount you will need to restore the function as best we can, depends on the condition of the tissue when we assess it. The more ‘worn’ it is, the more work will be needed and the more cost. We treat people from 3 weeks old right to the other end of life. So preventative medicine is recommended. If you present with 70 years of ‘wear’, it’s going to be harder to ‘fix’ than if it was 20 years; if it can be ‘fixed’ at all. Unlike a gear box in a car you can’t just pop a new spine in, it may require frequent management.

Although these prices may seem expensive to some, the value that is delivered we at Peterborough Chiropractic hope greatly trumps the financial costs. Our goal is to get you to feel as good as possible and function as well as possible, with the best price possible. Our goal is to get you so functional and feeling super happy with the results, that you go home and tell all your friends and family about it and send them all in too. With improved performance for your WHOLE body what could you achieve. For example: what is the value in your muscles getting stronger? What is the value in better balance and better processing of sight and sound in your brain? What is the value in less pain and stress? What is the value in you being more productive and sleeping better? What is the value of preserving your spine just like your teeth for a lifetime?

As a chiropractor I have seen people present with neck pain covered in eczema. I treat them and along with the neck pain reducing the individual eczema significantly cleared up too. Why? How? Maybe with a better functioning nervous system, the body was better able to look after itself in other areas beyond the mere pain relief?

So, the price of chiropractic will hopefully be insignificant compared to the value our clients receive; that is our goal.

To see more information of the results that we have achieved from those that have been through a care plan, please look at our Google reviews and a short video we have prepared that can be seen on our website:


Here are some of our published Google reviews:

“Great staff and service. I had a pain on my lower back and both legs. After 1 month of treatment without any oral pain relief, felt 100% better. I would recommend to everyone to try”. GF

“From having real difficulty in doing everyday things and at work I was struggling with my back a lot . I did a run of adjustment treatments advised by the chiropractor and now my mobility has improved so much. With its very friendly atmosphere and Staff you are made to feel comfortable and relaxed every time you visit”. VB.

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