The Weird & Wonderful

Weird and wonderful results I’ve seen as a chiropractor beyond the obvious.

So what can the people of Peterborough expect to see from the care they get from their chiropractor in addition to reduced back pain or neck pain?

Well having treated some incredible patients (as a chiropractor we get to know one another very well over the treatment process). In addition to the issue or problem we faced that inspired that person to come in. I have seen some other very unexpected and pretty outstanding results reported from people.

I was treating a lovely woman who had fallen from a horse and hurt her neck on a fence in the accident. She had many problems from that over the years but I met her at a promotion show. The interesting thing that stuck out about that case was that she had suffered with eczema most her life. She used creams and managed it but while under care it cleared up. Maybe the enhanced efficiency of her nervous system healed and repaired the problem? Maybe it was a coincidence? Or a change in diet? I’d like to think it was her time with her chiropractor. She then brought her whole family in for treatment.

Most people seem to say “I notice it a lot when driving, I can turn my head much further at junctions”. Life is motion, so the more motion you have from your body the better. Particularly if you are a sports person.

Higher energy levels and better sleep were fairly frequent reports of chiropractic care. When a nerve is under pressure it’s inflamed and angry. As soon as that pressure is relieved the nerve wants to sleep, relax and recuperate just like you do after a stressful week. Nerves under tension with inflamed tissues may also cause release of harmful hormones and chemicals in the body too like adrenaline and cortisol. These are natural excitatory chemicals we need for our fight or flight response. They get our body pumped and ready, get the muscles strong and the heart pumping. But with prolonged exposure they can interfere with body tissues for the worst. Like having your foot constantly firmly pressed on a gas peddle, reving the car won’t do much good for the engine.

Another interesting and very unexpected report from a few women I was very pleased to hear and definitely worth a mention. Some ladies said that their finger nails had stopped growing and were brittle and flaked off. But they started growing again during their care period and could again be painted. For a woman that is quite a thing and I was so happy (and a little surprised) to hear that one. Again maybe the neural enhancement? Maybe an increase in blood circulation (which is also controlled by those ever so important nerves). Or maybe it was diet? Or a combo of both? There is me way to prove this or know why? But never the less it was a great success and achievement.

At the Peterborough Chiropractic Health and Wellness Group we hope to collect many more incredible stories in the future and help this city get healthier.

Dr Daniel O’Sullivan
Peterborough Chiropractor (Peterborough Chiropractic Health and Wellness Group)