Chiropractor Peterborough - The big questions

Common Questions Asked by UK Chiropractic Patients

In 99% of cases, patients who experience the direct benefits of chiropractic adjustments for the first time, wonder why chiropractic care isn’t already much more popular. People can suffer from herniated disks and other forms of back pain for years. Suddenly, however, their pain is gone and their posture is significantly improved after just a […]

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Peterborough Chiropractor Smart Phones

Smartphones & Chiropractic Adjustments for Children

Smartphones and tablets are being blamed for exponential rises in poor posture and back pain in children Increasing numbers of parents are opting for chiropractic treatments over pharmacology based medicine for children affected by back pain A chiropractor in Peterborough can perform 100% safe chiropractic adjustments on people of all ages In 2015, the Telegraph […]

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chiropractor prices

Chiropractor Prices

Chiropractor Prices It may be better to ask what is “the price of not having chiropractic or looking after your body and health generally?” What would happen to your car if it was not maintained? Your body is a mechanical structure way more advanced than any car. Should it be looked after too? Do we […]

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neck pain

Neck Pain – a perspective from a Chiropractor

Neck Pain – a perspective from our Principal Chiropractor I am a chiropractor in Peterborough and often people want to know what causes neck pain, how to prevent neck pain and how to treat neck pains. Neck pain rarely materialise out of nowhere; the body is a moving intricate mechanical structure. Lots of moving joints […]

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